Private Dining

For whatever reason, business or pleasure, day or night, location rental or company meeting Patio Delray’s private dining accommodations will leave a lasting impression on your guests. Whether it is for your closest friends or esteemed colleagues, a cocktail party, a casual get together or a formal dinner event, rest assured your private dining experience or corporate event will be something they will not soon forget.

Patio Delray is pleased to provide an event planning professional at our unique location. This means you’ll have an expert to rely upon who will provide guidance as you begin planning your event. Whether you rely upon assistance, or go it alone, it’s always a good idea to consider the following as you start planning your event!

Set the Event Goals: Communicate as much information as you can regarding your event to your event planner, be it a 3rd party meeting planner, or your venue’s in-house event planning professional. Some items to consider would include: Define the goals (general) and objectives (specific) of your event. Define the stakeholders. Who will this event benefit? Define the audience. Who is coming to your event? Is it your family, your customers, your employees, or your executive team? Are they arriving via car, motor coach, or on foot?

Will there be children in attendance and if so, how many and their ages? What accommodations would you like made for them? Provide any absolutes: we must provide a vegetarian entrée – or we absolutely don’t want white linen. Define your Budget: What is the total budget and how do you see it allocated?

Some items you may need to budget for include food, beverage, audio-visual, floral, linen, décor, entertainment, photography, invitations, transportation, etc. Don’t forget – most services will be taxed and some, such as food and beverage will also have a service charge levied (which typically includes the gratuity for your staff).

Understanding your budget will allow your event planner to customize the best event just for you. Select the Date/Time/Location: Date: Identify any competing events that may draw your audience away. Time: Select the time that will be most convenient and appropriate for your audience. For example, rush hour on Friday night may not encourage attendance if location is outside of town, however, in the downtown core it may be optimal timing.

Location: Select a venue appropriate to the occasion. For example, a corporate meeting may not require a beautiful view; however, a gathering of your best customers may garner a higher attendance if the view or location is a draw.

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Prefect for Private Parties

Private Room or Entire Venue, Corporate Functions, Location Rental, Breakfast, Brunch, Luncheons, Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Rehearsal Dinners, Weddings, Baby Showers, Graduations

Cocktail Party Quote

Beverage Service

The Host may choose to purchase beverages on a

“Host”, “Cash” or “Open” Bar basis

· Host Bar (based on consumption) Each Drinks is charged at regular price. The bar tab is tallied throughout the entire evening. The Host pays the bar tab at the end of service.

· Cash Bar. Each guest pays the server for their own drinks

· Open Bar. Beer Wine, Alcoholic beverage consumption charged per person per hour

Beer and Wine Open Bar

House selected Red and White Wines, Domestic Beers, Soda, Juices and Iced Tea

1st Hour $14 per person

Each Additional Hour $9 per person

Call Brand Open Bar

Includes Call Brand Liquors. Absolute Vodka, Stoli Vodka, Smirnoff Vodka, Tanqueray Gin, Bombay Gin,Captain Morgan Rum, Myers Rum, Seagram’s 7 Whiskey, Johnny Walker Red Scotch, Jose Quervo Gold Tequila, House selected Red and White Wines, Domestic Beers ,Soda, Juices and Iced Tea

1st Hour $18 per person

Each Additional Hour $13 per person

Top Shelf Premium Brands Open Bar

Includes Premium Brand Liquors. Kettle One Vodka, Grey Goose Vodka, Bombay Sapphire Gin, Hendricks Gin, Bacardi Silver rum, Bacardi Gold Rum, Patron Silver Tequila, Jack Daniels Black , Johnny Walker Black Scotch, House selected Red and White Wines, Domestic and Imported Beers, Soda, Juices and Iced Tea

1st Hour $22 per person

Each Additional Hour $17 per person

Bottled Water Service

Voss Sparkling and Mineral Water Available by the Bottle Sm. 4 Lg. 8

Cocktail Party Buffet

Appetizers Platters

Artisan Cheese Platter for 20 Guests $75

Assorted Vegetable Crudité Platter for 20 Guests $30

Bowl of Organic Edamame for 20 Guests $40.00

Patio Delray Salad $5 Per Person

Organic Mixed Greens, Grape Tomato’s, English Cucumber, Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

Rustic Caesar Salad $5 Per Persons

Classic Caesar Dressing, Crispy Parmesan Crouton, Shaved  Parmigiano Reggiano

A 200 piece Sushi Roll Assortment Displayed on a 4 Ft. Sushi Boat $450.00

Cucumber Roll, Spicy Ahi Tuna Roll, King Crab California Roll

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll, Dancing Shrimp Roll, Rainbow Roll

Cold Appetizers by The Piece

Price is Per Piece

Minimum 2 Dozen per Selection

Cucumber Roll $1.5

Spicy Ahi Tuna Roll $15

Smoked Salmon Cream Cheese Roll $2

Ahi Tuna Tartar $2

Thai Shrimp Chili Paste, Fried Wonton Chips

Snow Crab Claw, Sauce Louie $3

Wild Caught Shrimp Cocktail $3

Zesty Horseradish Cocktail Sauce

Salmon Crostini $2.50

House Cured Salmon Gravlax, Crème Fresh, Garlic Chives, Crispy Baguette

Fresh Mini Mozzarella Caprese $1.50


Hot Appetizers by The Piece

Minimum 2 Dozen per Selection

Crispy Fried Coconut Shrimp $2.50

Sweet Thai Chili Sauce

Apple Wood Bacon and Blue Cheese Stuffed Madjool Dates $2.50

Pot Stickers $1.50

Flash Fried Dumplings, Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Grilled Pita Bread $1.50

Sun Dried Tomato Pesto, Parmesan Cheese, Fine Herbs

Mini Beef Wellington $3

Bite Size Beef tenderloin, Mushroom Duxelle, Liver Pate, Puff Pastry, Port Wine Demi

Crab Stuffed Mushroom Caps $2

Baby Mushroom Caps, Blue Crab, Parmesan Cheese

Pigs In Blanket $2

Mini Beef Franks, Wrapped in Puff Pastry

Panko Crusted Mini Crab Cake Rangoon $2.50

Chicken Sate $2

Grilled Chicken Skewers, Plum Hoisin sauce


Pulled Pork Sliders $3

Sweet Soy BBQ Sauce, Asian Pare Slaw

Beef Satey $2

Grilled Beef Skewers, Plum Hoisin sauce

Sample Private Party Dinner Menu



Soup of the Day MP

Wild Caught Shrimp Cocktail

Zesty Horseradish Cocktail Sauce

>Ahi Tuna and Avocado Tartare

Ginger Scallion Garlic Aioli + Black Sesame + White Soy

Wild Caught Snow Crab Claw Cocktail Louis

Fried Calamari

Sweet Thai Chili Aioli + Scallions + Nori Flakes

Sugarcane Shrimp Skewers

Honey Sriracha Butter + Pineapple Chili Sauce

Organic Edamame

Blanched Soy Bean Pods + Fennel + Toasted Sesame Oil

Pot Stickers

Flash Fried Dumplings + Hoisin Dipping Sauce

Baby Octopus Salad

Sesame Soy + Seedless Cucumber + Ponzu Sauce

Bacon, Bleu Chz, Almond Stuffed Medjool Dates

Fresh Mozzarella Caprese

House Made Toasted Mixed Nut Basil Garlic Chive Pesto

Vine Ripe Tomatoes + Balsamic Reduction, EVOO

Iceberg Wedge

Maytag Bleu Cheese Crumbles + Crispy Prosciutto

Bleu Cheese Gorgonzola Dressing +Grape Tomatoes

House Salad

Organic Artisan Lettuce + Grape Tomatoes,

Seedless Cucumber + Passion Fruit Vinaigrette

>Rustic Caesar Salad

Classic Dressing + Shaved Reggiano + Parmesan Crostini

Add: Chicken 8   Wild Caught Shrimps 9   Ahi Tuna 12   Anchovies 2

Main Plates From The Sea

Chefs Nightly Fish Special

Jumbo Crab Cake Dinner, Creamy Andean Corn Succotash

Andean Corn, Edamame, Organic Sweet Corn, Onions, Tomatoes + Chinese Sweet Sausage + Himalayan Pink Salt

Grilled Shrimp Pasta Alfredo

Wild Caught Shrimp + Sun Dried Tomatoes + Asparagus, Shallots, Parmesan Cream, Bleu Cheese Crumble

Belgian’s FamousMoules Frites”

PEI Mussels, Garlic, Shallots, Vermouth, Butter, Parsley, Thyme, Wedge Fries

Indonesian Spiced Wild Caught Shrimp

Ginger, Lemon Grass, Chili, Shallots, Cilantro, Basil, Garlic, Cumin, Asian Veg, Coconut Rice

> Garam Masala Rubbed Fresh Ahi Tuna

Forbidden Black Rice, Edamame, Onion, Grape Tomatoes, Currie Mango Chutney Raita, Asian Pear Slaw

Dungeness Crab Cioppino

Dungeons Crab, Chef Selection of Market Fish and Shellfish, Pancetta, Saffron, Celery, Onion, Garlic,

Anchovies, Dry Vermouth, San Marzano Tomatoes, House Made Toasted Mixed Nut Basil Pesto Smeared Grilled Baguette

Main Plates From The Land and Beyond

Chefs Nightly Offering From The Pasture

Murray’s All Natural Free-Range Boneless ½ Chicken

Brown Mustard, Fresh Herb & Garlic Marinade, Organic Peas n’ Carrots, Potatoes du Jour, Sage Natural Jus

Grilled Chicken Pasta Alfredo

Sun Dried Tomatoes, Asparagus, Shallots, Parmesan Cream, Bleu Cheese Crumble




2 Bite Croissant Bread Pudding   or   White Chocolate Chip Brownie

* Indicates Gluten Free Options Corkage $25


Every Dish At Patio Delray is Lovingly Hand Made on Premise, Creating Perfect Harmonium, If At All Possible No Substitutions Please


Coffee, Tea and Soft Beverages

The cost for the Dinner and the room @ $60.00 per person

Alcoholic Beverages and Passed Appetizers are Charged Accordingly

Plus 6% sales tax and 20% gratuity

Brunch Menu #1

1/2 hour Mimosa and Passed Appetizer

Mimosa Bar

Sparkling Wine, OJ, Fresh Seasonal Fruit, Assorted Fruit Juices

Pot Stickers 2 PP

Chicken and Vegetable Dumplings, Haisin Dipping Sauce

Panko Crusted Mini Crab Cakes  2 PP

Brunch Menu

Please Make 3 Selections

All Brunch Items Includes Potato Hash, Fruit Garnish

>Patio Benedict Florida Blue Crab Cakes, Poached Eggs, Béarnaise, Croissant

>Traditional Benedict Poached Eggs, Canadian Bacon, Hollandaise, English Muffin

>Roasted Asparagus with Poached Eggs Walnut Basil Pesto, Crispy Prosciutto

>Caprese Omelet Sun Dried Tomato, Basil Walnut Pesto, Fresh Mozzarella

Aged Gruyere & White Cheddar Cheese  Omelet

>Delray Omelet Blue Crab, Garlic Chives, Buorsin Cheese

Patio Burger Half Lb. Prime Burger, Smoked English Cheddar, Red Onion Jam, Brioche Bun


2 Bite Croissant Bread Pudding


2 Bite White Chocolate Chip brownie

$45 Per person Plus Tax and Gratuity

Brunch Menu #2

Please Make 3 Selections

Classic Eggs Benedict

Caprese Omelet

Patio Burger

Chicken Classical Caesar Salad


Assorted Mini Pastries

Coffee, Tea Soft Beverages

$30.00 Per person plus of Tax and Gratuity

Lunch Menu #1

House salad

Artisan Lettuce, Grape Tomatoes, English Cucumber

House Made Vinaigrette

Chicken Del Rio

Sautéed Chicken with Avocado, Aged Provolone Cheese,

Herbed Jasmine Rice, Baby Carrots, Citrus Burre Blanc

Grilled Mahi Mahi

Marinated Tomato, Watercress,

Israeli Cous Cous, Lemon oil


Pan Fried Tofu with Wok Veg

(Mushrooms, Bok Choi, Sweet Peppers, Scallions)

Gingered Rice Noodle and Plum Hoisin Sauce


Assorted mini Pastries

Coffee Tea Soft Drinks

$35.00 Per person Plus Tax and Gratuity

Lunch Menu #2

House salad

Artisan Lettuce, Grape Tomatoes, English Cucumber

House Made Vinaigrette

Main Plates

Fresh Squeezed Lemon and Herb Marinated Chicken

Summer Quinoa Salad

Braised Short Rib Sandwich

Aged Cheddar, Thick Cut Brioche Bread

Fire Grilled Scottish Salmon

Coconut Rice Pineapple Salsa


Assorted Mini Pastries

Coffee, Tea and Soft Beverages

$35.00 Per person Plus Tax and Gratuity


Menu Items and Prices Subject to Change Without Notice