Our Artists


Patio Delray is pleased to showcase the original photography of Dr. Mark H. Widick. Dr. Widick’s captive photos adorn the walls of the restaurant giving a real edgy, yet artistic feel to the already modernistic confines of the restaurant. The pictures capture large images in high resolution and are vibrant displays of city-life, space shuttle-launches, and even underwater scenes of coral reefs and sea life.

A quote from the artist’s bio: “Much of my photography is driven by my attempt to capture details of "the big picture". I use panoramic techniques to capture large images in very high resolution. I tailor my photographic solutions to unusual circumstances through creation of customized equipment. Cameras may range from a modified military reconnaissance large format film camera to pocket digital. I am also strongly influenced by having grown up near the launch facilities of Cape Canaveral. (My father worked for NASA). I enjoy the process of fabricating new "gizmos" in my garage to fit the needs of a photographic project. This has resulted in me being called a "garage-ista" and adds greatly to my enjoyment of my efforts.”

Besides being a seasoned photographer, Dr. Widick is a ENT specialist with a sub-specialty in Otolaryngology. He is the acting President of the Florida Society of Otolaryngology and a member of Ear Nose and Throat Associates of South Florida. Dr. Widick resides in Boca Raton and can be found mixing in with the locals and visitors at the Patio Delray.

For more information about Dr. Widick and his photography, check out his displays at Patio Delray or his website: www.MarkWidick.com